Facilities and Equipment

At The Premier Ceramic and Powder Coating Shop in Salt Lake

Armor Coatings has the facilities and equipment to take on large production runs and individual custom projects. Regardless of the size, every job receives our highest level of attention to quality because we don’t know how to do anything less than the best. See what we have to offer you:

Forklift Loading Dock

Our ability to receive and ship pallet loads of parts translates to a greater ability to manage large-scale powder coating production runs with reduced damage from added handling. We receive product from numerous local metal fabricators and can ship to any location in the world directly from our doorstep.

Zirconium pre-treatment system

Armor Coatings has the only Zirconium pre-treatment booth in the state of Utah. This state-of-the-art 5-step cleaning process ensures your product is prepared to the highest level before coating. This in turn means a better and longer-lasting coating on your products.

In-house blasting facilities

By offering in-house blasting, as opposed to outsourcing it like many others, we are able to ensure prompt, high-quality preparation of parts, and reduce the risk of additional delays should a part need to be sent to be blasted again. This is one factor that adds to our ability to deliver finished products on schedule every time.

15′ x 8′ x 8′ Oven

Our large oven allows us to finish large runs of smaller parts, or individual runs of very large parts. We’ve done everything from small engine parts, to large outdoor furniture. There is little we cannot coat in the most durable and long lasting finishes available.

4′ x 4′ Custom plasma table

In addition to our coating abilities we can deliver an end-to-end solution for simple metal fabrication requirements, such as signage. For more complicated fabrication needs we have a number of partners we know and trust to get your job done right.

Custom Vinyl Plotter

Our ability to cut vinyl enables to deliver some of the most intricate and creative powder coating available, with carefully designed masks. Non-permanent commercial-grade vinyl artwork can also paired with our permanent finishing to personalize a project.